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Personal Qualifications

Age - All individuals, members of partnership, and stockholders in privately held corporations must be at least 21 years old.

Criminal Record - All individuals, members of partnerships and stockholders in privately held corporations must report to the Commission all arrests and convictions (with the exception of minor traffic tickets) and must be fingerprinted by the local police. Arrest records are verified. The commission pays particular attention to convictions of crimes involving moral turpitude, violence or excessive use of alcoholic beverages.

Personal Character and Reputation - Applicants may be investigated to make a determination of personal character and reputation.

Previously Licensed - Any person who has had a license revoked or ordered transferred may not receive another license for two years.

Law Enforcement Officers- Law enforcement office and their spouses may not hold any direct or indirect interest in a business licensed by the Commission. This prohibition included being an investor, stockholder, limited partner or landlord.

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