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Off-Premise SDM Liquor License
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Off-Premise SDM Liquor License

This fact sheet briefly describes the Specially Designated Merchant (SDM) liquor license which are available from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC). It provides an overview of the requirement for an SDM license and describes the process of obtaining an SDM license. However, the investigation and licensing process is complex and certain applications may require additional information, which is not adequately described in this fact sheet.

Definition: SDM liquor licenses in Michigan are licensed to sell beer and wine for consumption off the licensed premise. The types of businesses that generally have SDM licenses are grocery stores, drug stores or party stores. SDM liquor licenses are frequently held in conjunction with other licenses.

Availability: SDM licenses may be obtained through a transfer of ownership of an existing license (at the same location), a transfer of ownership and location or as a new license. SDM licenses are not subject to the quota.

Investigation and Licensing Fees: There is a $70 investigation fee due at the time of application. The license fee for an SDM liquor license is $100 per year. License fees are not prorated. The license expires on April 30 of each year and is generally renewed upon application and payment of the renewal fee which is the same as the license fee.

Requirements for an SDM License

The general requirements for licensing are shown here. There may be additional requirements and exceptions which are defined more specifically in the Liquor Control Act or in the Administrative Rules of the Liquor Control Commission.

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